Power to aerodynamic quality!

As part of our biomechanical analysis we are dedicated to offering a unique experience by combining our software and Retul to provide you a

comprehensive bike fit.  We do this by combining our state of art software 2D (video recording) and Retul 3D (motion capture) to record the athletes position while in motion.


 Our custom fitting packages are provided by qualified fitters, who have a back ground in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics along with years of experience in the cycling industry.

212˚ Fittings

The key to a great bike fit is to find the position which provides the ultimate aerodynamic advantage while maintaining the ability to produce maximum power.


212˚ In Motion accomplishes that, by intergrating our state of the art software with Retul 3D.  By  utilizing Retul's industry leading 3D Motion Capture and a dynamic fit bike technology, with our biomechanical analysis.  We will be able to find the optimal bike positon for you, whether its a TT, Road, Mountain, Cyclecross, or a casual position.

 Siliconcoach® video analysis software, we are able to isolate and accurately analyze every aspect of an athlete’s movements while assessing proper kinetic sequence, body posture, range-of-motion, etc.


With this technology, we can pinpoint minute, undetectable fine movements within a complex gross movement. Whether it is running, throwing, swimming, kicking, cycling, squatting, jumping, etc., our analysis uses real-time motion capture video and state-of-the-art computer software.


Powering 212˚