Coaching Philosophy  Coaching at 212º In Motion is an interactive process between athlete and coach. Customized training plans are created to address each athlete’s training needs and performance goals. Individual training plans are created on principles of periodization, which allow for controlled overload and recovery that optimizes adaptation to the exercise workload. Information collected from metabolic testing and motion analysis provides the foundation for workout design that focuses on the physiological and biomechanical profile of each athlete. Areas in need of improvement are addressed in specifically-planned practices and training. Online coaching is accomplished through the use of Training Peaks®, an interactive program that allows athletes to provide feedback regarding their daily workouts. We offer several different coaching packages to address the needs of athletes ranging from beginner to elite/pro.

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Are you looking to improve your daily health?  Or are you already an active exerciser who wants to shake up your daily routine?  212˚ In Motion can help you achieve fitness goals outside of the competitive field. Our general fitness program is aimed at adding fun and variety to everyday training.  No matter your sport or your passion we treat every one with the same level of professionalism and care.


Regardless of your athlete involvement here at 212, we believe everyone has the right to get in the best shape of their life.  Our personalized programs are planned to meet your individual needs. We are dedicated to improving your strength, flexibility, endurance and body composition.





This plan is ideal for those who wants a structured exercise plan without the end-goal of racing or competing (at least, for now...)



Our athletes choose this program to:


 • lose weight

 • increase stamina

 • Gain muscle

 • Stay fit

 • Feel better

 • prevent injury



 212's coaching is designed for the individual to keep the athlete on track and help them achieve their goals. Knowledge of the athlete’s abilities allows the coach to push the athlete without over-training them, to help improve efficiency, and make the athlete stronger, faster and more powerful.


We offer coaching packages detailed to fit your lifestyle and needs.

All endurance training packages come with a 6 month minimum


212 Coaching

Level 1

Customized Coaching (6-month requirement)


We only know one way to coach and that is the right way. Attention to detail, customized plans and constantly monitoring and evaluating how to best move you forward. Jason and Lori and our coaching staff will monitor your training daily to provide feedback or adjust accordingly. The staff is always available for your questions or to address any issues.


Once built, the program is ever evolving, our coaches are always making adjustments based on your training progression and schedule.


Our coaching program is designed to help keep the athlete on track and help them achieve their goals. Knowledge of the athlete’s abilities allows the coach to challenge the athlete without overtraining them, to help improve efficiency, and make the athlete stronger, faster and more powerful.




• Customized workout program designed to address your needs and to accommodate your travel schedule built in to new Training Peaks account.


• Weekly Customized overall training plan for all races


• Coach / Athlete meeting to review and plan the racing season


• Field testing to assess current fitness and progress with training


• General training & racing nutrition recommendations


• Race strategy planning


• Advice for traveling to your race(s)


• 2 phone conversations/month to discuss progress and 24hr return of Text or email


• 1 hr meeting once a month—This meeting is vital and part of the interaction and success of your training- The meeting is designed to be 20-30 minutes of discussion about training progress, questions, concerns and recommendations made by your coach.  The other 30-40 min will be training including a review of strength training program, technique and flexibility.  The meeting can be a 1 hr training session if that is planned by the athlete and coach.  Either by phone or by Skype.



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This isn’t your normal training plan. We don’t just set it and forget it. Jason and Lori have spent years developing a strategy around coaching and racing which you get to benefit from. More importantly, when you buy a training plan from 212, our coaches can and will help you adjust and reconfigure your plan if needed.


New for this year, here's how it works. You sign up and tell us what you need a training plan for. Either to build for your A-Race, strength training plan, off-season plan, bike only plan, etc., and then we build it; a 12-20-week plan specifically for you. You will receive your plan in 6-8 business days.


212˚ Training Plans


We have all kinds of plans, ranging from off-season swim training plans, strength training plan to race-specific plans.


• These are designed for athletes that don't need constant coach-athlete interaction


• This program allows you the utmost freedom so that you can move things around to fit your daily lifestyle.


• Each plan comes a training peak account.


• Each plan is built around your personal heart rate zone, power zones and training goals.


• Each plan includes periodic testing to gauge your improvement.





Pricing: Pricing dependent upon length of training plan and complexity of schedule.



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Note:  All services can be purchased individually.

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Lori Cooper M.S., USAT Level 1 Coach / Exercise Physiologist


Jason Watson, US Army Veteran, B.S., Exercise Physiology / Coach / Pro Triathlete



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