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Nutrition Consultation



Nutrition is the foundation of a healthy mind, body and soul. The old cliche´ that "you are what you eat" is true: your body and mind function only as well as what you put into them. To be a high performance engine, you need to consume high- performance fuel. This is true for daily, training, and competitive nutrition. A healthful lifestyle begins with food. What you eat and drink has direct influence on your entire body and all its systems



Individualized nutrition designed around your personal eating preferences, habits and goals, adhering to established, scientifically proven nutritional guidelines

What's Involved?


Resting Metabolic Rate Test


Body Composition (Skin Folds)


Nutrition Questionnaire


1 hour initial consultation


Nutrition Log


Individualized Plan


2 x 30 min follow up consultations



More useful energy w/min waste


Improved immune function


Enhanced and expedited recovery


Better mental health and acuity


Maintain healthy weight and body composition


Improve training and competitive performances

Success! With Guidance and some Creativity, your nutrition plan become a healthy daily habit

Are you at the point where you are not sure if you want a full time professional coach, but you are tired of the same old basic training plan?

Here is an option that allows a professional coach to mentor and train you on how to use Heart Rate and or Power to make your training more effective



Knowledge is everything when it comes to training!


Training with heart rate or power is still fairly new to most athletes. We are firm believers that training with heart rate or power is vital to increasing your performance.


Learn the Benefits of Heart Rate / power training


  • More useful energy with minimal waste
  • Improved training and competitive performances
  • Enhances and expedited recovery
  • More accurate training measurement
  • Maximize training and recovery time
  • Know your strength and weaknesses
  • Improve training efficiency and quality
  • Fine tune race day planning



We provide scientifically designed workouts that will build and develop your fitness and understanding of fundamental training principles


The sequential workouts allow you to train while our coaches monitor your fitness and progression by constantly measuring your output


Our training program features varied workouts organized into systematic, progressive overload - essential ingredients to optimizing improvement and making the process mentally stimulating

What do you get?


Choose between a 6 or 8 week program:  Each program includes


Heart Rate / Power training consultation


  • Vo2 max test  ($100 dollar value)
  • Detailed review of your questionnaire
  • Literature
  • Custom training zones
  • 1 hr initial consultation
  • Individualized training plan
  • 2 x 30 min follow up consultations

More Consultations coming soon!

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